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Wine Mums Podcast

Oct 25, 2019

While Denham attempts to bring some relevancy to the podcast with his visit to Pax Melbourne, Connor continues to talk about weeb shit, with this season’s anime in full swing.
We apologize for the name.

Movies: Rascal Does Not Dream Of A Dreaming Girl

TV: PRIMAL, Titans Season 2, Watchmen (2019)

Anime & Manga: Stars Align, Ahiru No Sora, Beastars, Blade of the Immortal

Games: Gloomhaven, Dune by Avalon Hill

Comics & Books: Headlopper Volume 3, Doctor Doom #1, His Dark Materials

Extra-Curricular Reading: Any-Mation’s “Genndy Tartakovsky | Reading the Action” -

Top 5: Skeleton Friends

Topics: Denham’s visit to Melbourne Pax (feat. Avengers, Hollow Knight: SilkSong, and more Boardgames), Vinland Saga.